Tuesday, 3 July 2012

New Sullins Connector Solutions from In2Connect........

In2Connect have just updated their website to showcase the latest in the Sullins product range.Featuring seven new series of Sullins and Micro Plastics product lines, the brand new 84-page, 4-colour ‘catalogue 2.0’ provides photos and detailed specifications pertaining to the company’s latest offerings of D-Sub connectors, high power connectors, wire-to-board wafer connectors, male and female headers, as well as RJ45 modular connectors and Integrated Connector Modules (ICMs).

Sullins Connector Solutions is a world leader in developing and delivering reliable, cutting-edge connectors for diverse applications and industries worldwide. Sullins provides the largest selection of 100% RoHS, UL/CUL approved edge cards and headers in the industry. Their high-level, high-density and high-temperature connectors are specifically designed for challenging applications used by leading manufacturers and engineers all over the world.

At In2Connect we have broken the new Sullins catalogue down into bite size product chapters, to give you the information you need, fast:

Visit www.in2connect.uk.com/sullins for detailed information on our range of Sullins products:

High Density 1.00mm, 1.27mm Contact Centres
Bi-Level 1.27mm, 1.98mm, 2.54mm, 3.96mm Contact Centres
Dual Edged (back to back) 2.54mm Contact Centres
Male Card Edge 2.54mm Contact Centres
Female Card Edge 2.54mm, 3.18mm, 3.81mm Contact Centres
Sullins Headers
Sullins Economy Headers
Sullins Jumpers
Sullins D-Sub Connectors
Sullins Modular Jacks
Sullins Power Connectors

Sullins Wafers

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