Wednesday, 7 September 2011

New product available from In2Connect - ST12 IP67 threaded coupling connector

The Pintail connector range provides low-cost, weathertight standard interconnection for industrial and marine applications.

Pintail connectors can build an indoor/outdoor interconnect system that offers the performance and reliability of MIL threaded connectors at the cost of a commercial (COTS) product. 

The ST12 (rear panel mount hole size 12mm/front panel mount hole size 14mm) series of multi-pin, threaded coupling connectors will provide IP67 integrity when mated and will work reliably indoors and outdoors where occasional submersion is encountered at a limited depth. It will also remain undamaged by the formation of ice on the enclosure and will resist corrosion.

New product available from In2connect - IDC d-sub connector

The new Conec IDC d-sub connector with stamped contacts provides a modular approach to electronic inter-connection. Outstanding features of the IDC connectors are high contact reliability, long life and low contact resistance.

These standard IDC D-sub connectors have stamped contacts. IDC technology is a solderless connection method which remains very popular in the mass production of electronic equipment.
Soldering can have several disadvantages ~ it can create thermal stress, and pretty obviously requires solder to be applied in what can be a costly reflow manufacturing process.

Insulation displacement contacts (IDCs) allow a ribbon cable to be forced onto sharp tines on the back of the contacts; this action pierces the insulation of all the wires simultaneously. This is a very quick means of assembly whether done by hand or automatically.The design these IDC dsub connectors offers a very reliable mass termination and cost effective approach to interconnecting PCBs, or wire-to-board applications.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Nicomatic Micro-flex

A very innovative new solution for Mil Aero Applications. With more and more printed ink and flex pcb circuits being used in Mil/Aero applications, Nicomatic now offers Micro-flex. 

Thanks to their double know-how in both crimp connectors and CMM 2mm microconnector developments, Nicomatic has produced an innovative new connector/flex harness solution aimed at card-to-flex connections.

This new "two in one technology" ensures a high mechnical link and electrical continuity between 2mm pitch CMM micro-connectors and flat conductor Crimpflex technology.

One of the major advantages is a small 2mm pitch that allows the reduction of space, but there is also a lower weight feature that enables replacement of the discrete wires and bulky cables still very present in avionics equipment. Nicomatic is able to reduce up to 30% weight with a solution that is thinner and lighter than a traditional cable.