Wednesday, 31 August 2011

New product available from In2Connect - PC/104 Plus 22mm

PC/104 - Plus in 22mm

This new ept product, available from In2Connect, is the PC/104 and is standard for PC-compatible modules which are intermateable to set up a complete computing system. This new female ept connector permits 22mm board to board distance.
 Standard PC/104 connectors accomodate a board to board distance of 15.24mm. This was usually enough to connect two boards. However, with the ever increasing requirement to connect more components, for example heat sinks, fans and other cooling systems, manufacturers now often need a greater distance. As a specialist for connectors ept has reacted to this need and as a result is now the first provider to have a suitable connector in its lineup.

New products available from In2Connect - Conec Press-fit D-sub and D-sub right angled dual port

Press-fit D-sub connector
Another Conec product is available from In2Connect Uk Ltd. The Conec Press-fit contacts are used on PCB boards for equipment in industrial control systems, computer environment and in telecommunication equipment.

Standard or high density D-sub connectors can have press-fit contacts. Press-fit technology is a solderless connection method which is increasingly popular in mass board production.
Click here to see the product webpage for Press-fit D-sub connector
 D-Sub Right Angled Dual port
Similar to the Press-fit D-sub connector in the previous post, there is also the Conec D-sub right angled dual port connector now available.

Dual Port, stacked right angled D-Sub connectors are a popular space saving interface for many I/O applications. Offered in 9, 15, 25 and 37 positions they are a good choice for a cost effective industry standard connection and are ideal for PCB space saving applications, being fully compatible with mating industry standard single d-subs.
Click here to see the product webpage for D-sub right angled dual port

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

New product range available from In2Connect- Nicomatic DMM

The new DMM series is a robust, compact and shock resistant connector registered under trademark MICRO-D-MIX.

It is available in all LF or mixed-layout configuration, with high frequency and/or high power contacts with possible arrangements of between 1 and 4 rows of contacts with up to 120 contacts.
DMM connectors offer a high pin density (2mm pitch for signal contacts), as well as hybrid contacts (low frequency, high power), which contribute to equipment miniaturization. Compared to Micro-D connectors they offer a higher density, a lower profile and a much lighter solution.

Nicomatic fixings are the same whether you use a male or female connector, covers are mountable without modifying the front or real panel and the philosophy of the system is to be modular with simple universal concepts. The addition of a metal shield enables resistance to exterior factors such as electromagnetic interference (EMI), and grounding. The cover design is a good alternative to the back shell and leads to cost reduction.

Blue Bullet High density package and small footprint
Blue Bullet Signal, power and coax contacts
Blue Bullet Removable crimp contact
Blue Bullet Front/rear panel mounting, straight/90° cable/pcb
Blue Bullet Cost effective solution
Blue Bullet According to MIL-DTL-83513G or MIL-DTL-55302F test routine
Blue Bullet EMI 360° Shielding and backshell options

Monday, 22 August 2011

New product range available from In2Connect- Weipu WP20

We are happy to announce that we have added another product to our already wide range of products which we have to supply. 

The new product, WP20, are waterproof, IP55 rated bayonet connectors that are dust and dirt proof and intended for indoor use.

WP20 connectors build a powerful indoor interconnect system with up to 5 contacts rated at 30 Amp.

The WP20 series bayonet coupling connectors will provide IP55 integrity when mated and will work reliably in indoor conditions.

Materials and specification

Coupling- Bayonet
Shell- Nylon PA66/ zinc alloy
Insert material- PPS max temperature 260°C
Contact material- Brass
Contact plating- Gold over nickel
Termination- 7-12 contacts solder, 2-5 contacts solder/ screw
Mating cycle- >500
Temperature range- -25°C / +85°C
IP rating- IP55 (Clamping cable plug TE)

Rated current up to 30A
IP55 rated
Solder or screw contacts up to 5 way, solder 7-12
Bayonet coupling for positive mating with key/keyway orientation
WP20 in 2 to 12 pole versions
Competitively priced
Male or female contacts in any shell type
RoHS Compliant and CE marked
Greater than 500 mating cycles

More information is available on the In2Connect website (Click here to access the website)