Tuesday, 14 May 2013

IP67 rated RJ45 dual bayonet locking in-line coupler for industrial Ethernet launched by CONEC


In2Connect UK stock Conec’s IP67 rated RJ45 Ethernet I/O port connectors for use in harsh applications such as industrial machinery, security and surveillance equipment, test and measurement equipment, GPS systems, and communications. The Conec IP67-rated RJ45 industrial Ethernet connector delivers mechanical stability, temperature resistance, vibration immunity and EMI/RFI shielding.
This connector range now includes a newly introduced dual bayonet in-line coupler that can be used as a true cable extension complying with IEC 61076-3-106 whilst ensuring increased protection for the connector system against contamination and moisture.
The in-line coupler features a 1/6th turn dual bayonet coupling mechanism for IP67 sealed mating even with gloved hands, and comes in two different housing materials: durable black polyester plastic or ABS nickel-plated plastic.
The product line includes panel-mounted receptacles, mating plugs, protective caps, and pre-terminated jumper cables including cables suitable for outdoor use and direct burial with jackets that can be colour coded to match the in-line couplers, click here for free PDF data sheet.


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Monday, 18 March 2013

The M12 style connector from In2Connect UK comes with a screw lock, is used for low voltage and has between 2 and 8 contacts. In2Connect’s M12 connectors are IP67 rated can be screened and are well suited for wet, moisture-laden environments so are much used to connect sensors and actuators in automation systems

M12 connectors are coded. The common used types are:

A-Coded; used with Sensor Actuators
B-Coded; used with Field Buses
D-Coded; used with Industrial Ethernet   
X-Coded; used with10 Gbps Ethernet

M12 connectors moulded to cable

Over-moulded M12 connectors improve durability and streamline the size of a cable connection. Available with 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 12 contacts, the M12 connectors have anti-vibration locking and come in various cable lengths and quality. When it gets really tough: Shielded connectors protect and bypass weak signals. A uniform cable shielding ensures seamless signal transmission.

Loose-field-attachable M12 connectors

Field attachable M12 connectors from In2Connect give you the freedom and flexibility to react to the cabling situation on site or to build your own M12 cables. Field-attachable connectors allow for stripped wire to be attached to the connector in the field using a simple screwdriver tool. This facilitates a faster, less complicated installation. This programme comprises 4 or 5 pole connectors and adapters with anti-vibration locking - in a straight or angled construction as well as in shielded versions. You can choose between screw and clamp connections as well as a maximum input cable diameter of 6 or 8mm. Field-attachable connectors are available in straight or 90-degree angled construction.

M12 Sockets, PCB or wire

Connectors and adapters with 4, 5 and 8 contacts are available with 0.5mm long single wires as well as well as pin contacts for the M12x1 connection to the device. Front mounted flange connectors with wires are also available and can be positioned with a lock nut. Flange connectors and adapters for rear housing mounting with different length pin contacts for soldering directly on the printed circuit board complete the programme. An installation flange for direct assembly on the printed circuit board is also available with a shielded connection option in an axial and angled version. A spring-loaded shield plate connects the flange housing directly to the printed circuit board, which is especially important in bus applications. All products in this series are designed for a printed circuit board thickness of 1.6mm and a device wall thickness of 2-3mm. You can select from two different installation heights (10.0mm and 5.5mm) for the axial version.

SMT M12 connectors

In2Connect has expanded its range of M12 automation connectors to include 4, 5 and 8 pin Surface Mount versions (SMT) with A, B or D-coding and a shielding option.
These are available as Tape and Reel in rolls of 75 units or in bulk or tray packaging suitable for automated pick and place assembly.
A-coded versions are successfully used for power supply on sensor/actuator distribution boxes or on Ethernet switches. The A-coded connectors are also standard for low voltage switching devices according to IEC 60947-5-2. The modular connector system includes male connectors of 9 or 13mm mounting hardware with O-ring seals ensure protection according to IP67.
M12 Connectors with LEDs

An extensive selection of sockets of various sizes, configurations and connection types is at your disposal. Choose from the sizes M12x1, M8x1, 7/8“. Sockets with wire, dip-solder as well as with overmoulded cable in front or back mounting with PG9 or M16x1,5 thread. PCB versions axial and angled as well as contact carrier for SMT processing complete the range.

X-Coded M12x1 Circular connectors

Modern automation solutions need universal communication cabling for the different networks. Conec M12x1 X-coded connectors have been developed for such applications. These components are designed for transmission technology according to CAT6A and 500 MHz/10 Gigabit, and are standardised to IEC 61076-2-109. M12 X-code connectors have 4 shielded pairs for reliable high speed data transfer in such applications as vision systems: plus industrial grade materials for harsh environments, all in the small M12 connector. Patch cable standard lengths are 1, 2, 5 and 10 metres.

Enhanced Shielded M12x1 Connectors for Harsh Environments

For enhanced EMI performance, the body shield on these connectors has been extended to the surface of the PCB, eliminating any apertures that could cause EMI leakage. These connectors have 360 degree of cable screen termination minimising the possibility of electrical interference in sensitive applications such as GPS and video signal transmission. 360 degree shielding is achieved with 3 extra grounding pins, to ensure low impedance in the ground path, and full coverage of the ground traces on the PCB. These PCB mounted M12x1 connectors are available in rear mount configuration, in “A coding” with 4, 5, or 8 pins, “B coding” with 4 pins, and “D coding” with 4 pins.

Junction systems

Y junction boxes from CONEC with 5 pin connectors enable you to lay two incoming signals together at one E/A socket. This means that you can double your connection options for one actuator/ sensor box.
You can connect up to 16 initiators using one M12x1 junction box with 8 E/A sockets. CONEC overmoulded components are also available for the output connection to the sensor. This provides a cost-effective and practical wiring system in the field for sensors and actuators with a cabling system that meets protection class IP67. Junction boxes are used anywhere sensor and actuator signals need to be extended quickly and easily for connection to their superordinate control systems. Individual signals are either connected directly to the superordinate system via a homerun cable or via a connection interface. Optional LED displays for signal and power reduce the effort required to track down errors.


The UK's prime source for PCB and backplane, dsub, rectangular and multiway circular connectors; cable assemblies and wire harnesses.

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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

IP67 RJ45 Panel mounted receptacle — Bayonet locking

These newly devel­oped Conec RJ45 Cat. 5e IP67 rated con­nec­tors from In2Connect are well suited in appli­ca­tions such as CNC machines, process con­trol, diag­nos­tic sys­tems, net­work and tele­com systems. This series of con­nec­tors are ideal for indoor and out­door use.
Users of these types of con­nec­tors had requested an easy way to install and to con­nect the con­nec­tors with­out the need of spe­cial instal­la­tion tools.  This newly devel­oped RJ45Cat.5e IP67 con­nec­tor is now avail­able with   ter­mi­nal blocks.  The user can attach the wires to the ter­mi­nal block by using a blade type screw­driver.  Wire sizes from AWG 28 to AWG 16, stranded or solid wires can be used.
The ter­mi­nal block has iden­ti­fi­ca­tion mark­ings in accor­dance with EIA/TIA-568-B2, the hard­ware on the ter­mi­nal blocks is RoHS and REACH compliant.
The hous­ing of the RJ45/IP67 is avail­able in met­al­lised plas­tic, nickel plated die cast and in black plas­tic. Other col­ours are also available to special order in the plas­tic ver­sion.
The mat­ing side fea­tures the bay­o­net lock­ing design that meets IP67 rating.

• IP67 in the mated or capped con­di­tion
• Optional sealed ver­sion for IP67 rat­ing in the uncapped con­di­tion
• Front– or rear panel mount­ing up to wall thick­ness of 3.2 mm
• Colour coded labelling meets EIA/TIA-568-B.2 wiring scheme
• Avail­able in PBT plas­tic, plated ABS plas­tic or full metal die cast
• Accepts 28-16awg
• RoHS and REACH compliant

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Friday, 8 February 2013

In2Connect UK Ltd announce the new ITW Switches C48M Series of pushbutton switches with SCREW TERMINALS, for off PCB mounting in industrial applications.

Built on the proven series 48 platform these rugged switches come in stainless steel housings and are electromechanical with both momentary or maintained action and illuminated or non-illuminated buttons.
The variety of configurations in this compact package size makes the C48M ideal for many applications, such as: outdoor controls, security products, food processing and medical products.
The C48M Series have a 19mm diameter Stainless Steel body and are IP67 Panel sealed.
Standard illumination options available are Halo (Ring), Centre Spot and Standby (I/O) Logo with LED colours of Green, Amber, Blue and White.  Non illuminated versions are also available.
Download a single page data sheet here
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Thursday, 7 February 2013

High Current Industrial Switches

ITW Switches have released their new Industrial Pushbutton switch range.
The H48M, H57M and H58M Series SPDT Pushbutton Switches offer robust High Current switching for today’s industrial applications.
The H48M, H57M and H58M Series have a 10A current rating and are available in 16mm, 19mm and 22mm Diameter bodies made from Stainless Steel, Aluminium or Zinc Alloy with Chrome or Black Nickel plating.
Standard illumination options available are Halo (Ring), Centre Spot and Standby Logo with LED colours of Green, Red, Amber, Blue, White and Yellow.  Non illumination versions are also available and all H48M, H57M and H58M are IP67 Panel sealed.
The rugged design and three diameter options make the H48M, H57M and H58M ideal for use in markets such as Equipment/Machine Control, Medical, Security, Heavy Automotive and Mil-Aero.
For more information, please contact sales@in2connect.uk.com