Friday, 30 October 2009

ept offer a range of male IEC 60603-2 (DIN 41612) connectors for reflow soldering

Until now, the most cost-effective means of applying a right angled male 41612 connector was to "press-fit" the connector to the PCB after all the other board components had been placed and reflow soldered. A logical addition to the standard press-fit male connectors, these new 'ept' "paste in hole" DIN 41612 THTR (Through-Hole Technology Reflow) types, can be fitted as with all other SMT reflow solder components before processing ~ completely eliminating the "press-fit" step and double handling of the PCB. The connector is manufactured with a high-temp plastic body moulding able to withstand a +260° C lead free soldering process to fulfil the requirements of J-STD-020D (Moisture/Reflow Sensitivity Classification for Non Hermetic Solid State Surface Mount Devices).

This all means less time, fewer production steps, and lower overall costs.

Samples of type C (male) 103-40064TH are available on request from us at In2Connect UK, other pin arrangements and models with boardlocks can be prepared.

DIN connectors are used in various applications with different termination methods. The DIN type C connectors are also available in press-fit and other solder technology.

Monday, 14 September 2009

Trade Shows

We've just returned from the International Broadcast Convention (IBC) in Amsterdam. This is the leading international forum for the electronic media industry, but the experience leaves me wondering what future "real" as opposed to 'virtual' conventions and exhibitions have?
What a brilliant opportunity to network and 'learn' but seemingly less people are bothering. Is this a British phenomenon or are the rest of the world also finding that people are less inclined to spend the time and money? The internet's great but you really can't beat face to face contact.

Friday, 21 August 2009

According to a joint project between Napier and the University of Chichester engineers are making use of online tools to communicate and collaborate – particularly forums and LinkedIn – there appears to be a significant resistance to social media and viral marketing amongst a large section of the engineering audience. Could explain why no-ones reading this?

Friday, 26 June 2009

ITT Interconnect Solutions, Cannon & VEAM – Service Upgrade

ITT Interconnect Solutions is committed to delivering the best possible service levels to its many customers in the UK. As part of this commitment we have reviewed our UK accounts to ensure we service our customer’s needs in the best way for your business.

ITT Cannon & VEAM has an extensive network of franchised distributor partners who we work with closely to service the connector requirements for many of our UK customers.

Having conducted a review of sales to your company since 2006 we would propose to service upgrade your account and to transfer your future ITT business to one of our channel partner distributors. Our distributors hold extensive stocks of ITT connectors and in some cases can assemble & deliver connectors from piece parts in two days.


We go to the channel partner seeking an ITT connector and they offer us Amphenol.

So how does that work then!!!!
Just gone live with our re-worked website which has been given a make-over by those very nice people at Intergage

Apart from their brilliant DIY website system which allows us to build and update our site without needing to speak HTML we can choose from Web design, Web site Content Management, Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) or any one of their other Web marketing services.

Thanks to Dave Williams and Andy Galliers for understanding our customer's particular "search" needs and building them into a pretty user friendly home page.