Saturday, 4 February 2012

Calling all single board computer builders!

ept's Colibri® connector is a shielded, 2-row, SMT interconnect system in 0.5 mm pitch. Both Plug and Receptacle are available with 8 mm stacking height and 220 or 440 pins. Designed to meet requirements of PICMG COM Express®, SFF-SIG Core Express® and nanoETXexpress. Intermatable with available connectors in the market from Tyco and Foxconn. The Colibri can also replace PC104 or Q7 connectors in single board computer builds.

COM Express: A Computer On Module (COM) form factor, is a highly integrated and compact PC that can be used in a design application much like an integrated circuit component. Each COM Express Module integrates core CPU and memory functionality, the common I/O of a PC/AT, USB, audio, graphics (PEG) and Ethernet. All I/O signals are mapped to two high density, low profile connectors on the bottom side of the module.
CoreExpress: CoreExpress, an advanced Computer On Module(COM) specification, was developed to accommodate modern processors like theIntel® Atom™. However, it isnot bound to Intel processors. Its tiny size and low power requirements make itthe ideal base for small, battery-powered, and wearable embedded PC devices.

Additional Colibri versions with flexible pin count as well as multiple stack heights are currently being developed.

Key Features:
Intermatable with connectors in the market
Robust connector design
Receptacle connector with ground pins
Plug connector with ground shield
Multiple stack heights
PICMG COM Express®
SFF-SIG Core Express®
Single board computers PC104

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