Wednesday, 31 August 2011

New products available from In2Connect - Conec Press-fit D-sub and D-sub right angled dual port

Press-fit D-sub connector
Another Conec product is available from In2Connect Uk Ltd. The Conec Press-fit contacts are used on PCB boards for equipment in industrial control systems, computer environment and in telecommunication equipment.

Standard or high density D-sub connectors can have press-fit contacts. Press-fit technology is a solderless connection method which is increasingly popular in mass board production.
Click here to see the product webpage for Press-fit D-sub connector
 D-Sub Right Angled Dual port
Similar to the Press-fit D-sub connector in the previous post, there is also the Conec D-sub right angled dual port connector now available.

Dual Port, stacked right angled D-Sub connectors are a popular space saving interface for many I/O applications. Offered in 9, 15, 25 and 37 positions they are a good choice for a cost effective industry standard connection and are ideal for PCB space saving applications, being fully compatible with mating industry standard single d-subs.
Click here to see the product webpage for D-sub right angled dual port

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