Friday, 29 July 2011

In2Connect is pleased to announce the introduction of additional EDAC products to complement their existing IP67 range of Series 570 waterproof connectors. The new 567, 5mm pitch series takes the available circuit sizes up to a maximum of nine from the present five circuits of the 565 Series and are designed to "crimp and poke" join individual wires together. A range of wire seals is available. EDAC Series Waterproof wire connectors

These products will cover virtually all requirements and are of a high quality design and manufacture standard. Latching mechanisms are featured throughout for secure connection and the low-profile insulators of the 566 & 565 series are particularly attractive where space is at a premium.
Their 300 Volt/5 Amp specification makes them ideally suited for use in applications requiring circuit protection from water and dust including LED external lighting arrays, Christmas street lighting, emergency floor lighting in the rail industry, cabin light pods in passenger aircraft and electronic tapware in the modern home.

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