Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Non-Magnetic d-sub connectors from In2Connect

Non-magnetic D-Sub I/O connectors suit medical applications ~ Mar 2, 2011

In2Connect has enhanced its Conec I/O connectors for use in areas with high magnetic fields by ensuring the connectors' own non-magnetic properties, replacing traditionally used steel shells and hardware with tin-plated brass and making the brackets of diecast zinc. Conec says its non-magnetic D-Sub I/O connector is ideal for medical imaging systems and other medical applications, as magnetic interference can severely compromise the observations as reported by doctors to patients.
"Typically, D-Sub I/O connectors used steel-stamped housing and steel hardware for the various configurations which can result in a magnetic attraction," explains Bob Hart technical manager at In2Connect UK Ltd. "By using copper alloy shells, tin-plated brass hardware components like screws or threaded rivets and diecast zinc brackets, this new connector is now completely non-magnetic. The connectors are utilized in a lot of medical equipment since it requires non- to low-magnetic components in order to maintain the integrity of the imaging."
In2Connect offers the Conec non-ferrous materials in all of the D-Sub connector families including high-density, standard and EMI filter connectors that are also widely used in medical imaging systems.
The non-magnetic D-subs are available to special order in standard densities of 9 through 50 positions, in solder cup and pc tail versions. High-density D-subs in the product line include sizes from 15 to 78 positions, also in solder cup and pc tail versions. Combination D-subs are available in 21 standard arrangements. EMI filter connectors are also available with this non-magnetic capability. Current ratings are from 5 to 40 amps, depending on the base connector chosen.

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