Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Obsolete McMurdo d-sub connectors and hoods

In2Connect UK Ltd is increasingly receiving requests for ITW McMurdo d-sub connectors and hoods which users believe to have been obsoleted. This seems to originate from explanations on the Farnell Electronics website which state "no longer manufactured" or "no longer stocked".
We're not complaining that customers are seeking other sources for components that Farnell no longer carry, because we're most certainly able to supply many of the dsub connectors, hoods, accessories, etc which have been the backbone of McMurdo's range over the years.
Please don't write-off a damn good manufacturer just because one distributor with a vast range of supply partners seemingly does so; there are other franchised suppliers of "McMurdo Connectors" ~ and we're proud to be the foremost.

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